On this page you can find my speaking history, as well downloadable materials from my presentations.

Faster Transactions: Query Tuning for Data Manipulation

Your server has dozens of CPUs, terabytes of RAM, and solid-state drives, and yet your UPDATE query still takes hours. Why? In this demo-filled session we will discuss common pitfalls for any SQL professional who is manipulating large sets of data with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. Not only will you learn about potential issues involving data pages, locks, and the transaction log, but also what techniques you can use to improve performance.

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SELECT Start FROM Here: Querying for T-SQL Beginners

Have you been asked to begin querying data in SQL Server databases? Or are you just curious to try T-SQL? Great – let’s get started! In this session we’ll cover the basics of the SELECT statement, your T-SQL tool for getting that data. We’ll also show the individual parts of a query, discuss basic aggregation, and demonstrate common filtering options using operators and functions. You’ll walk away with a solid foundation, ready to start your journey to become a T-SQL expert.

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It’s Not Your Fault, It’s the SQL Server Default

When you see those little green checkmarks, then you know your new SQL Server instance is ready to go, right? Not exactly. Your fresh installation has several questionable default settings that could cause headaches and heartburn in the future. In this session we will identify the instance and database defaults that could lead to disaster. We’ll also discuss how you can modify them to improve performance and avoid unnecessary problems.

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