Jeff Iannucci is a Senior Database Administrator with Republic Services in Scottsdale, Arizona.  If you’re afraid of vowels then you can just call him Jeff. Or even “Jeff I…uuuuuh” like most of his grade-school teachers. As long as you get “Jeff” right, it’s all good.

He started out as an Accidental DBA using SQL Server 6.5 around 1998, and since then has been working as an administrative DBA and T-SQL Developer. He enjoys persuading SQL Server to comply with every necessary demand, and in a timely fashion at that.

He believes experience is the great clarifier, showing not just our strengths but also our deficiencies, and the best solution is to keep learning. This is why he has started “Desert DBA” – to help others learn, and to do so without reading like a technical document.

When he’s not working he enjoys writing about Indycar racing, watching Diamondbacks and Suns games, and cooking Italian food. Also, he’s quite uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.