Why I have this here blog

This should be slightly more interesting than “Hello Google!”

I am starting this very blog as a direct result of my experience on SQL Cruise. No joke. Two pertinent facts:

  1. I’ve been a SQL Server DBA for the better part of two decades.
  2. I’ve been writing about Indycar racing at my own blogs and others, including one sponsored by the series, for nearly a dozen years.

And yet, I’ve never put SQL Server and blog together and written about being a DBA. Go figure.
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Hello world!

Somehow, when starting a blog, “Hello World” seems overly optimistic. I mean, it’s not like THE ENTIRE WORLD is reading this. Right now it’s pretty much just me, maybe my wife, and a few search engines.
“Hi Honey!” seems weird. Maybe I should go with “Hello Google!”